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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions Asked By Holmes Security Systems Customers

If my phone line is cut, will your monitoring station know that my alarm is going off? NO. The only way that we will know is if you have upgraded to our remote digital service, Holmes AlarmNet. We use cellular digital devices to send these signals.

I am thinking of getting digital phone service or VoIP phone service. Will my alarm work with this type of service? Not consistently.   We can make your alarm work with alternative phone services, but we recommend you get our remote  digital service, AlarmNet,  to back up the phone line. These new phone services are not reliable when it comes to transmitting alarm signals. We highly recommend our cellular radio service, Holmes AlarmNet.

If I get a digital phone line, do you need to come out to make any changes to my alarm? YES. If you switch phone services we will need to come out and ensure the new phone company has connected the alarm to the phone line. We have had a problem with them disconnecting the alarm system. We will also need to reprogram your alarm to work on the alternative type of service.

If I have a fire in my home, will your monitoring dispatch the fire department? We do offer smoke detectors that can be installed in your home to be monitored. Your standard electric smoke detectors cannot be tied into an alarm system. We do not charge more for monitoring of smoke detectors.

Can I have a panic button to carry around with me in the yard or from the car to the house? YES. All of our systems can have a portable panic button added to your system for your security. We can even give you a remote ‘key fob’ to arm and disarm your system.

I would like a medical button added to my system. Will this cost more in monitoring fees? We can add a medical button to your existing system. There will not be any extra monitoring fees for this service. We can also install a medical button in a home that does not have an alarm system.

Do you have direct draft for my monitoring service? YES. If you would like to sign up for our draft service please call the office, or check this website  for the form. We are now requiring anyone who is paying monthly or quarterly to go on a draft

Can I pay my bill online? YES. Please go to our website, www.HolmesSecurity.net. Under the ‘Manage  Your Account’ tab you will find the online payment form.

How do I update and change my call list? You may call us or go online to www.HolmesSecurity.net. For commercial accounts, we do require changes online or in writing. You can e-mail us at update@HolmesElectricSecurity.com.

Should I test my system? YES. We recommend that you test your system every month. Please call our Central Station operators and have your system put ‘on test’. Call us back after you are finished and verify we received your test signal. This will prevent us from dispatching.

My neighbor’s alarm goes off every few weeks. Is this normal? Alarm systems should not go off unless there is a break in! If your alarm is going off for no apparent reason, you need to have it serviced.

What is back up radio service? This is a service we offer to monitor your alarm system by cellular signal. If your line is cut or out of service, we can still receive the your alarm signal.  We use both GSM and CDMA cellular platforms.

Can you monitor my alarm system without a phone line? Yes. We can monitor your alarm without a phone line by using our remote cellular service, Holmes AlarmNet.

What areas do you work in? We have offices in both Fayetteville and Wilmington, NC, and we have customers all over North and South Carolina. Our main coverage area is southeastern North Carolina and eastern South Carolina.

Where is your monitoring station located? We operate our own UL listed, 24-hour Central Monitoring Station at our main office at 127 Hay Street in Fayetteville, NC. This is the only UL listed central station in eastern NC.

Do you provide cameras? YES. We install cameras in homes and businesses. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and provide the latest in technology for your security needs.



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