Holmes Security Systems is a division of Holmes Electric, Inc., a 108 year old company founded in Fayetteville, North Carolina, by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. The security division was started by Mr. J.D. (Luke) Wheeler, son-in-law of Mr. Holmes, in 1967. Today it is operated by his son, Stephen Holmes Wheeler, grandson of the late O.W. Holmes, Sr.

Since its start in 1967, the security systems division of the company has grown to become the area’s leader in security sales and central station monitoring. Holmes Security Systems is the only U.L Approved installation company in Eastern NC owning and operating a U.L. Approved Central Monitoring Station.

With offices in Fayetteville, NC & Wilmington, NC we offer a wide variety of security & fire  solutions for commercial and residential applications.


In the event of an emergency, Holmes Security System’s Central Monitoring Station is the vital communication link between your home security system  or business security system and the appropriate emergency response agency. Located in our secure office in downtown Fayetteville, NC, our Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Approved monitoring center is operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our staff of knowledgeable, professionally trained Alarm Dispatchers are always on duty, standing by to notify the proper authorities in the event of an alarm condition.

Using the latest technology, our Monitoring Center maintains and supports back-up systems that include:

  • Computer Networks
  • Electrical Power
  • Alternative telecommunication routing
  • Redundant alarm transmissions
  • Internal disaster management procedures.
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Holmes Security recently attended the annual Honeywell Authorized Security Dealer convention in Scotsdale, Arizona.  While there, we were awarded the Honeywell Life Safety Award, as well as the Honeywell Community Service Award.

The Life Safety Award was based on a fire alarm signal that we received in our Central Station.  We dispatched the fire department, but a neighbor who was a contact person on the call list, asked us to cancel the dispatch since there was no visible sign of fire.  Our operator did not feel comfortable cancelling the dispatch, and asked the Fire Department to proceed.  Upon arrival, the Fire Department had to force their way inside, and found the homeowner unconscious on the floor.  A pot on the stove was in the early stages of combustion.   To be recognized with this award is quite an honor.

In addition to these  awards, we have also been recognized recently with the Fayetteville Observer’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Home Security Company.